Im Raum Zwischen Himmel & Erde 1984 (1984)

Performance, Rotterdam, Performance Festival, (NL)

In the darkness of the night two men gently glide step by step over the ridge of a roof. Carefully, almost lovingly, they carry between them two yellow neon tubes on which a glass ball balances. There's something shiny in the bullet, a lump of gold. Precious metal, pure and precious. means of payment, sign of wealth. In ancient times, symbol of the sky, dug up inside the earth. Her breathing's getting faster and harder like you can hear her heart beating. Mastered and with extreme concentration they succeed in bringing the ball safely to the opposite side of the roof. A sigh of relief. But the gold seems to decide for the earth on its own authority: The glass ball rolls down and splinters.
(Ann Bouwman)

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