About Me

In my work, experience, direct contact, and impact are central concepts. During my collaboration with Heiner Holtappels (1975-1984), our first joint performance project, Investigations, experimentally explored our own physical and psychological boundaries. Later, we offered visitors structures in which they could explore their own realms and boundaries. Self-awareness turned into audience experience.

After this period of intensive experimentation in the field of BodyArt, I became interested in the effects of art, especially its healing powers. In the course of the years I developed, again beginning with self-experiment, the field of Artmedicine. The healing aspect of art is used in direct, often individual contact with the participants.

The intention to make the world of our psyche slumbering under the surface visible and experienceable with pictorial means runs through my works as a red thread. The spectrum ranges from individual Medicine cabinets to performances, interactive installations and web art projects (with Louis Spoelstra).