Die letzte Butterfahrt (2013)

German-Dutch Multimediaproject, Venlo (NL)

It was almost like a pilgrimage: the trip of many Germans to Venlo (NL) at the end of the fifties to do their shopping there. Especially luxury goods like coffee, cigarettes, butter and cheese were sought after. The first "butter trip" was on 1 May 1958, the day off from work. The cheese dealer in Venlo was sold out within an hour.
The following butter trips provided for years for gigantic turnovers and overfull business. Entire German families travelled to Limburg on organized bus trips or by car.
The artist Klaus Boegel from Geldern (DE) still remembers well how he and his parents undertook this trip from Cologne.
The memory inspired him to the initiative and concept of "Die letzte Butterfahrt". He invited artists to be inspired by the material butter and the theme "Butterfahrt" and to participate in a cross-border art project. Approximately thirty Dutch and German artists expressed the diversity of the theme through video, photography, theatre, performance, painting and sculpture. 55 years later they brought a piece of common cultural history back to life in a retrospective of an extraordinary phenomenon.

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