Reminiszenz 1 (1977)

16-mm film, black/white, video recording, 5 minutes.

Klaus Boegel stares into the camera. Adhesive tape keeps his upper eyelids open. This looks quite painful, and as time passes, his eyes are increasingly filled with tears. In the meanwhile, Boegel narrates a dream vision he once had.
Dream vision:
I sat down on a stone bench and watched -
I walked through stone terraces built into the slopes of high mountains, enclosing a large lake from three sides.
I sat down on a stone bench and watched two burning ships close to each other on a lake lost in infinity. They tried to save the people with other boats - two burning ships came close together on a lake losing itself in infinity. And then suddenly a little blonde girl crouched next to me. I took her in my arms and comforted her. She cried and was all wet in front of a lake losing itself in infinity. Perhaps she had just come out of the burning ship?

'Reminiszenz' is a short series of two works in which Boegel and Holtappels evoke the subject of memory and remembering through speech and vision, on the edge of what is considered psychologically sane or insane.

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