Bekenntnisse-Secret Bloc (2015)

Videoinstallation, Participation exhibition „Mitwelt 42103“, Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal (D)

Klaus Boegel deals with the secrets of people and in doing so explores the limits of the protection that a secret needs. His works are among the few internally conceived works. For his work SECRET BLOCK, he invited ten people from his environment to reveal their secrets to a camera alone. The close-ups of the narrative faces are presented silently, the soundtrack of the mystery stories is meanwhile captured on microchips and then cemented into bricks, which are assembled into a compact block in front of the video installation. Furthermore, the visitors were able to enter a CONFESSION ROOM and reveal their secrets, which evaporate in the next moment, on a large slate plate with a water brush.
(Michaela Kuhlendahl)

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