Stille (1978)

"STILLE" video performance Klaus Boegel
30 minutes.

Boegel sits in a rectangular box in such a way that only his torso, painted with wet clay, is visible. He sits with his back to the shop window and a video camera standing in front of him transmits his face to two monitors standing on the left and right. During the 30 minute performance the clay driesDuring the recording of this performance, a man (Boegel) is covered with wet clay and remains in a still position. Gradually the clay dries up and the man opens his eyes. The use of an external stimuli (in this case the clay) and the observation of its effects (drying of the clay) over the human body is a process used by Boegel and Holtappels in their experimental works for investigating the influence of certain mental processes (how does it feel to stay still for a long period of time?). Here they are exploring extreme states of consciousness by experimenting with the notion of stillness and the inner emotions of a person staying inactive for an elongated period of time.


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